The Plague Sheep


Upon leaving the lair of the sorcerer Agnar, the party is set upon by thugs from the thieves guild. They would take the sorcerer and all the stolen gold for themselves. They are not up to the task however as the party (battered as they are) proceed to kill and capture their attackers. The party then delivers Agnar and three thieves to Thorik Silverpool. Thorik rewards them for their services and sends them off to rest.

In the mean time, the temple thefts continue. Gronk and Thorik are able to come to an agreement that allows the adventurers to go after Gustov.

Ken, Draven and Gronk return to the lair of the thieves guild and fight their way to Gustov’s door. Draven is poisoned when he tries to disarm the trap on Gustov’s door. After kicking in the door, the party is able to intimidate and subdue the thieves. They leave before exploring the thieves lair.

The party returns Gustov to Thorik and give him the location of Gustov’s lair so he can recover the stolen goods there in.


After surviving Bugbear attackers on the road, the adventurers finally reach the city of Iasar. While Kendall and Gronk find lodgings and supplies, Draven is met with suspicious looks. Ken learns that a series of large robberies have been committed throughout the city, an unusual event in the usually lawful Iasar. After realizing that all these robberies have been committed by halflings, Ken and Gronk attempt to distance themselves from Draven only to wind up having him picked up by the city guard on suspicion of theft.

Gronk is able to convince Thorik, the Captain of the Guard, that Draven is not the thief he seeks. Instead, he shares with the adventurers his knowledge of the recent robberies and accepts their help in finding the thieves.

Draven sets to visiting temples of magic and learning what he can about recent robberies while Gronk and Ken go off in search of the thieves and a good blacksmith. When the party realizes Draven is being followed, they are able to in turn follow his pursuers back to their hide out.

Upon entering the sewers, the party encounters and overcomes the two thieves. Gronk is able to hold talks with Gustov, the head of this thieves guild and learn that they are not the ones responsible for the recent commotion. Gustov also seeks to find the Halfling Thieves Guild and gives Gronk his best guess as to where to find them. However none of his thieves have been able to discover the entrance to the hideout.

Draven is able to find the secret door and disable the magical trap that guards it. The party confronts the halflings only to find that they are actually shape shifting demons. The demons have been summoned by the a sorcerer who seeks to steal gold from the High Magi of Iasar out of distain and to further his own magical research. The party is able to defeat Agnar’s demon body guard and take the sorcerer captive. Within his dark alter they find the stolen gold.

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